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fiesta st exhaust

When you want to improve the power and performance of your Ford Fiesta ST, the first thing to start with is the exhaust. Although the vehicle is already built with an impressive boost for speed, there is always room for improvement. To increase the horsepower and torque, you need a high-quality Fiesta ST exhaust system – and at FocusSTshop.com, we have what you need. In our Fiesta ST performance parts selection, we carry everything for the perfect exhaust enhancement, including CatBack exhausts, Catless exhausts, Turboback exhau

sts, downpipes, exhaust tips and the resonator delete pipe.

With an exceptional exhaust system in your Fiesta ST, your vehicle will have a faster, more efficient route for gases to escape, so that the 1.6L EcoBoost engine can breathe better. More air and fuel can be burned to achieve more power because the spent air and fuel can exit the combustion chambers faster. The aftermarket performance exhaust upgrades that you choose are determined by what you want your Fiesta ST to have. Do you prefer to have a louder rumble of a sound, added performance or both? It’s all up to the driver to decide.

Research shows that the more exhaust flow your vehicle has, the better it will perform. Based on your performance modifications, you should increase the size of your pipes for enhanced flow. If you are tuning your motor and adding horsepower to your Fiesta ST, it may be best to pick a bigger exhaust.

CatBack and Catless Exhaust Systems

If you like to work on your own vehicle, then you’ll love our CatBack exhaust selection. The system works by attaching to the catalytic converter and travels to the rear of the vehicle to instill better flow, sound, and performance. Most CatBack exhaust systems are comprised of clamps, mandrel bent piping, and a muffler. The CatBack system eliminates the use of a resonator to enhance performance.

Our exhaust performance parts are all welded and constructed to be durable and long-lasting. We offer a lifetime warranty on our parts, in addition to them being Dyno tested. Our exhaust systems are easy to install and are specifically designed to generate gains in performance, horsepower, and torque, as well as a smooth, deep tone. Shop our Turboback Exhausts, CatBack Exhausts and down pipes to establish the rumble noise and performance you enjoy on your Fiesta ST.

We also sell Catless Exhaust systems, meaning the catalytic converter has been removed. If you’d like to go catless for your vehicle, it’ll help reduce a ton of restriction on the exhaust system, which will allow for more airflow and ultimately more power. If you want to improve the performance of your Agency Power Ford Fiesta ST exhaust system, we recommend choosing to go catless.

Take a look around at our Agency Power Ford Fiesta Exhausts and other vehicle accessories, including our selection of Fiesta ST Intakes. These items can help you improve the overall performance of your vehicle while also reducing the weight and improving the sound.

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