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2014-2015 Ford Fiesta ST Cold Air Intake
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Fiesta ST Intake Systems

There are a variety of methods to increase the performance of your Fiesta ST, and a major one is by applying a cold air intake to the vehicle’s system. Since the 1.6L EcoBoost engine operates by taking air in, mixing it with fuel and then burning the resulting combination to produce power, an upsurge in airflow will enhance the power output. The more air flow, the more fuel gets burned, causing the power in your Fiesta ST to skyrocket.

So, how does a cold air intake system work? The Fiesta ST Intake increases the airflow by lowering the temperature of the air as it enters the engine. Cold air becomes denser, allowing it to have a larger amount of oxygen with less volume. When the engine receives more oxygen, it produces more power. This upgrade for the Fiesta ST is not surprising, since this method of increasing oxygen levels to achieve more power is used in the racing industry. Did you know that numerous racers dump ice on their intercoolers and intake manifolds to get a brief increase in horsepower? We don’t suggest you do that with the Fiesta ST, but our Fiesta ST intake will do the trick.

Of course, there are other ways to increase the air flow into your Fiesta ST’s engine, like turbochargers and superchargers. But cold air intakes achieve the enhanced performance as a cost-effective alternative and are the easiest upgrade to install compared to other methods. In addition, the Fiesta ST cold air intake also provides reduced air flow resistance. The pipes are tuned and polished to decrease air flow resistance and lessen unwanted turbulence within, which helps more airflow go into the engine.

With our Fiesta ST performance parts at FocusSTshop.com, you can awake the hidden power of your model by enhancing your intake system. Our Fiesta ST intake system is tested and proven to perform and give you the power you desire when you take your ride for a drive. The added power of your Fiesta ST will definitely be an enhancement you can feel.

Once you install the intake in your Fiesta ST, an increase in fuel economy will occur as long as the vehicle is driven in the same manner it was before the enhancement was installed. The intake doesn’t require any engine tuning and has a classy, clean appearance. Our parts come with a lifetime warranty. Shop our intake selection today to achieve the power boost you want in your Fiesta ST.