Focus ST Coilovers

Everyone knows that we’re the best spot online to find Ford Focus ST downpipes, Focus ST catback exhausts, Focus ST turboback exhausts, and virtually every other Ford performance part imaginable. However, did you know that we’re also the best place to buy Focus ST lowering springs and coilovers?

Coilovers are, essentially, the best route to go if you want to upgrade your suspension system.

If you don’t know what a coilover isl or, if you are simply unsure as to why you would or would not need them, read on and let us fill you in.

What is a coilover?

Simply put: Coilovers are springs that go over a shock, which allow you to raise and lower your car. A few more points:

Springs are made into coils, which allow them to compress and retract.

Some coilovers are adjustable, which makes it easy to raise and lower your car.

Coilovers give you the flexibility and option to control the height of your car. In fact the adjustability you have with them can accommodate virtually anything you’d have in mind, such as ride height, preload, shock damping and rebound.

Coilovers are different from lowering springs. First of all, lowering springs are designed to simply replace your factory springs while working in tandem with your car’s other systems.

Why would I want coilovers?

Well, if you want to have control over the height of your car, you’re going to want to invest in coilovers.

Ok, so coilovers are great for aesthetics. What do they do for performance?

The most important thing coilovers do to enhance your Focus ST’s performance is give you complete control over the car’s height. By adjusting them the right way, you can fine-tune each corner independently, thus giving you the ultimate in vehicle balance and control.

Who uses Coilovers?

Typically, those of us speed enthusiasts who need to shave a few seconds off our lap time invest in a decent set of coilovers. Coilovers are also a great investment for anyone who burns through brakes like nobody’s business. Finally: Obviously, people who just want a lower ride to keep up appearances off the track also use coilovers to achieve that feat.

Where can I get coilovers?

You can get your Focus ST coilovers right here at FocusSTShop.com -- the same place you come to get everything from intercoolers to shift knobs. We sell coilovers for other models, too, such as the Fiesta ST, Fusion, F-150, and Mustang. Take a look around the rest of our site and browse our inventory to see what else we can offer you.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have, either. We’re available via email to handle any and all queries. Also, we ship anywhere, and we accept a variety of payment methods, including PayPal.

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