Ford Focus ST Drivetrains

FocusSTShop.com is your one-stop online shop for high-performance car parts and kits. We offer superior parts for your vehicle whether you own a Ford Focus ST, F-150, Focus RS, Fiesta ST, Mustang EcoBoost and Fusion EcoBoost.

By browsing our website, you can conveniently order parts such as Focus ST catback exhausts and Focus ST sway bars. You can vastly improve your vehicle by purchasing our Ford Focus ST drivetrains and performance kit options. We offer related products from brands such as:

Boomba Racing


Clutch Masters

COBB Tuning

Ford Racing






Torque Solution

Transmission Mounts

By upgrading your driver side transmission mount, you can have controlled engine deflection and get more power to the ground. Our Steeda transmission mounts are perfect for your 2013 and 2014 Ford Focus ST.

Our transmission mounts utilize a CNC machined billet aluminum bushing mount. This mount bolts to a ¼”CNC stamped plate made of strong steel. This item improves launching by getting rid of any deflection which can cause wheel hopping. It will also increase noise, vibration and harmonics and gives you a solid link to the transmission and engine. Features include:

Improved shifting feel

Direct bolt-on installation

Enhanced power delivery and launching

Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects


A flywheel boosts your vehicle’s momentum and helps it have better stability. These products, manufactured by SPEC and Clutch Masters, can be made from either billet aluminum or steel. They are constructed as lightweight as possible for better performance and quicker revolutions. The flywheels that we sell increase your Focus ST’s supercharger efficiency, reduce turbo lag and improve mid-range torque.

Short Throw Shifters

You can reduce shift throw on your 2013-14 Ford Focus ST by replacing the stock shifter. This allows for quick and more precise gear changes. We offer short throw shifters made by Steeda, Ford Racing and Boomba Racing.

Clutch Kits

Our clutch kits are great for your style of driving whether it is considered street, drag, drift, road race, rally, pulling and autocross.

Shift Plates, Arms and Bushings

A shift plate also helps reduce throw, while the arms remove a heavy stock shifter feel. This gives a quicker feel and a better mechanical connection to your car. Bushing eliminates excess movement in the shifter cable bracket for a better experience.


We currently offer a Quaife Focus ST ATB Helical LSD Differential. This product relies on gears rather than clutch plates to give you smoother operation. Benefits of this product include maximized traction, reduced wheelspin, decreased torque steer and snatching and a maintenance-free design.

We aim to provide you with the best buying experience online. At FocusSTShop.com, you can take advantage of fast shipping, timely responses to any questions you may have, a selection of leading modification parts and comprehensive customer service.

Be sure to keep checking our website as we continually are updating it with new and exciting products. You can purchase products such as a Ford Focus ST intercooler, Focus ST brake kit and Focus ST lowering springs among others.

Do you have questions about any of our drivetrain options for your 2013 or 2014 Ford Focus ST? Email us at info@focusstshop.com and stay in the loop by signing up on for our mailing list for the latest deals and news.

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Steeda Focus ST Short Throw Shifter Kit (13-16 ST & 16 RS) Steeda Focus ST Short Throw Shifter Bracket (13-16 ST & 16 RS) Quaife Focus ST ATB Helical LSD differential - QDF41Z
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