Ford Focus ST Intercooler

At FocusSTshop.com, we want you to look to us for all of your Ford Focus needs. We have many different types of cooling upgrades for your vehicle including 2013-2014 Ford Focus ST Cooling, Front Mount Intercooler, and meth/water kits. We also have tons of other accessories designed to improve the performance of your vehicle, like Focus ST Coilovers and Focus ST Catback Exhausts. If you’re looking for affordable enhancements and performance parts for your Ford Focus, then you’ve come to the right place!

What is an intercooler?

Well, we’re glad you asked! As you may know (or have guessed), an intercooler is a device that’s used to cool air for supercharged or turbocharged engines. The device is placed in the path of air that goes from the supercharger or turbocharger to the motor. This will cool the compressed air by reducing its temperature which then increases its density.

How Does This Device Help?

Now that you know what this object is used for, you’re probably wondering how it helps your vehicle and its engine. Many people wonder why it matters whether the air that’s going into their engine is hot or cold. There are two primary reasons why:

1. Cold air is denser than hot air, so there will be more oxygen going into your engine when the air is cooler. Since there’s more air and oxygen, your motor will be able to produce more power.

2. Hot air can cause a higher cylinder temperature in your vehicle which could cause detonation. Using this device and other cooling upgrades can help prevent that.

How Do Intercoolers Work?

The air that’s compressed by a supercharger or turbocharger tends to get hot very quickly. As the temperature increases, the density of the air decreases, which isn’t good for a car’s engine. So, we use Ford Focus ST intercoolers to cool the air, allowing air that’s denser and more oxygen-rich into the engine, which then allows more fuel to be burned more efficiently. This improves the combustion of your vehicle and gives it more power. It will also increase the reliability of your car because it provides a more consistent temperature of air into the motor, and so the air fuel ratio will remain at a steady and safe level.

Where Should You Place Your Intercooler?

The best spot to put your Ford Focus ST Intercooler is in the path of the airflow. In many cases, that place will be in front of the radiator that’s in front of your vehicle. Some of the cooling upgrades that we sell can decrease the air going into your car’s engine by 100 or even 150 degrees! That’s what we call some pretty “cool” enhancements.

Once you find an intercooler or another cooling upgrade that works best for you and your vehicle, you can take a look around at some of our other accessories. We have plenty of incredible enhancements including Focus ST Turboback Exhausts to offer excellent power gains, Focus ST Sway Bars to reduce understeer, Ford Focus ST Drivetrains, and more. Browse our website today to find what you need for your Ford Focus!

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ATP 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Intercooler Air Temp Mounting Weld Flange (Aluminum) - ATP-FOC-007 ATP 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Airbox Air Temp Mounting Weld Flange (Aluminum) - ATP-FOC-008 mountune Lower Intercooler Pipe Upgrade | Focus ST 2013-17
ATP Optional BOV Flanged Elbow for ATP FMIC Kit - ATP-FOC-015 ATP Separate Elbow from ATP FMIC Kit with sensor mount welded - ATP-FOC-016 cp-e 2013-2015 Ford Focus ST Tangerine Scream HotChargeâ„¢ Pipe
Royal Purple 12oz. Purple ICE Super Coolant Additive - 01600 Steeda Focus ST Front Mount Intercooler - Street/Comp (13-17 ST) cp-e 2013-2015 Ford Focus ST HKS Tangerine Scream Exhale BOV Kit
cp-e 2013-15 Ford Focus ST HKS Race Red Exhaleâ„¢ BOV Kit cp-e 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Tial Race Red Exhale BOV Kit cp-e 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Tial Tangerine Scream Exhale BOV Kit
cp-e 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Black HotCharge Pipe cp-e 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Race Red HotCharge Pipe cp-e 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Tial Black Exhale BOV Kit
cp-e 2013-14 Ford Focus ST Race Red HotCharge™ Pipe
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